Div, div, and array. Around the corner function’s made.

Now stick those words into this classic:

A is for Array

Muscle memory. I don’t have it in coding yet. It’s getting there, but too often I forget the ( )s, { }s, or mix up when to use a comma and when to use the semicolon. Some of this is because of my background in editing and proofreading. No space between console.log and the opening parentheses? You’re killing me, Smalls. 

Without the muscle memory, I am spending too much time thinking about the syntax and not the logic needed, plan of attack, or where I could get a decent slice of chocolate cake in south Austin. While I’m learning to code, I’m going to make myself go back to what I already know in theory, but don’t have in muscle memory. 

This leaves me with a bunch of tools that I know the names of, but don’t remember to use or sometimes use inefficiently. I’ve grabbed a bangy thing to get a twisty thing into a piece of wood. I eventually remember that I do not use a hammer with a screw, but in a fast-pace coding school, I don’t think I’m starting projects correctly or efficiently. So, where to start?

Arrays. I can make them, but I forget to use them or am so full of anxiety about completing an assignment on time, that I barely remember how to spell array, much less use one. The alphabet starts with A, so why not start here?

Task: build a basic haiku builder using arrays
Due: Tuesday 29 March 2016 [update: done]

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