Two things I love

A little while back, I took a Katycation. I am an introvert. I might be a chatty introvert, but I am definitely an introvert. Many people confuse introvert/extrovert with how they appear on the outside, when it’s defined by where or how you get your energy. I am definitely one who recharges solo. I love my downtime with a book, a craft, or snuggling with a furry thing (pet, not yeti). Because my job is so far away and requires a long commute, I’ve been going nuts. I have no real time to recharge. Enter the Katycation.

The Katycation will get its own post. I just wanted to share a photo I took while there. I’d like to find someone to commission a mural or tramp stamp that is a variation of this photo. I’d like to see her on Persephone Buttercup, my beautiful green commuting machine.


What I really love about this photo is that the greyhound is not used to show how fast something is by competition. They are together. She isn’t racing the greyhound; she’s riding along with her. After seeing this, I knew that my next wheeled machine would be a cargo tricycle. I will always adopt the oldies or mutated numbnuts (ahem, *cough* FABIAN). I don’t want to ride next to a greyhound. I’m not in the country; it would be too dangerous for me and the hound. I do want to ride with my boys, though. I think a cargo bike would be the way to go. I could take them further away. We could cycle along the river.

Sigh. More bikes. Manboy will leave me for sure.

3 thoughts on “Two things I love

  1. hah I just sold two bikes this avo…. waiting for xtracycle to hurry up and start making their sidecar so that Barbie can ride along with me but I think we will be going pretty slow with all the weight vs my puny legs lol

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