Ride to Work

Every year there’s a Ride2Work day around Australia.

  • . Every year I do not ride on the one bloody day that symbolically represents leaving the car at home and getting on the bike. This drives me batty because on the days surrounding Ride2Work, I am riding to work. I support the idea, obviously, and can’t believe that I can never ride to work on Ride2Work day. If you don’t believe in jinxes and have never owed someone a Coke, then this is it. I’m jinxed.

    What’s wrong this year? In the past it’s usually been appointments or some other reason I have had to take the car or have to use the train the entire way. This year, I miss Ride2Work day and the entire promo week and month, since I’ll be back home in the US. I hope to at least be car-free on that day. I might have to make sure I’m in Minneapolis or Austin on that day.

    I’ve been working in Redbank, which is far away in many ways from home. I cannot ride the entire way. I’ve had to ride either to the city or to a friend’s house in another burb to catch the train. It all depends on the weather, my mood, the night before, etc. The city is a 30-minute ride; my friend’s house, a 50- to 60-minute ride.

    Until now. There is now a way to ride all the way from home to work. My goal is to do it. I don’t usually ride a roadie since I carry stuff like this computery fluff stuff; a knitting, embroidery, or crochet project; and a magazine or book. I never know what my train-time entertainment will be. I believe in choices at all times. All this means is that I am yet another woman with baggage. Literally. In fact, a woman told me yesterday that she liked my saddle bags. See? Cycling gives you good looking saddle bags. Much better than my slang ones.

    I’ve sussed out my ride. I rode just under half way to work, and coming home, i rode just under half way back. All I need to do is fill in the middle bits and connect the two:


    If I can ride the entire way to work, the pressure is off to ride the whole way back, since I’m in Queensland, where it’s pitch black at 5:30pm.

    If you look at the ride back, you’ll see that I pass a prison. This is a great reason to pedal faster, but I really don’t see escapees thinking “Oh, I’m free! Now to bikejack some fool and pedal to Rico’s hideout.” I ride right along the fence that informs me that I’m by prison property and to stay out. Oh. Since you say so. I was so tempted to jump over and picnic next to the razor wire. I did see a few inmates. Wallabies. Hardened wallabies, so don’t go thinking that they’re all cute.


    This is also the prison where that charmer from Alabama spent some time reflecting on his honeymoon and diving skills.

    So wish me luck. My goal is to go the entire way on my Gazelle before trying it all sporty, snazzy, and Lycra-y on my roadie. How dedicated to commuting am I that I know the brand of my commuter bikes, but not the roadie?

    And a greyhound photo or two before I go. It’s been cold here. We don’t have heat, so we snuggle. It’s been 5 degrees Celsius INPHUKKINSIDE. There are not many of those days, and they warm up to 19 by midday, but man … It’s snuggle time.



    4 thoughts on “Ride to Work

    1. Heh. Similarly, each year, despite being an annoyingly obnoxious save-the-planet-by-composting type, I manage to go out during Earth Hour and LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON. Three years running now. Fark.

    2. ugh – we’re in the middle of a heat wave (34°C today – that is a heat wave for us) and I envy you your 5 degrees. Remind me of that in January when I’m whining about the -40 something wind chills.

    3. I am envious that you can bike all the way to work. Since my job consists of traveling by car and plane, hopefully you’re offsetting my carbon footprint. Snuggle time sounds fun. This winter, I will turn down the heat and bring out the blankies.

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