Catching up

A little over a week ago, I quit Facebook. I don’t know how long it’ll last. I have done this before and went for six weeks. I started to miss it. I think this time I’ll last longer. What is the difference between now and a few years ago? Ironically, more social networks.

Okay, there’s a pet peeve of mine. When did this new stuff become “social networking”? Hasn’t the phone been a social network for ages? And what about the local bar, haunt, pub, dog park? But you know what I mean. A few years ago, there was pretty much just the Facebook/Myspace options with a smattering of Twitter. Now there’s Get Glue, Instagram, Pixable, Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc. I’ve quit only Facebook. I think the difference is that Facebook lets me know too much about people.

Zygote? Really? That was worth more than the measly three coins. Do you not agree that I should have received a bonus five?

Knowing too much about some people. Oddly, the people I miss on Facebook are the people all those sociologists would say aren’t my “real friends”. You don’t realise how much you don’t know about people until you know them in real life AND on Facebook. I missed not knowing the little things, which are what we catch up on when we catch up, right? But I am not catching up with people because I don’t miss them. I know what they did, when, and where. I basically got off Facebook so that I would miss my friends and want to catch up.

Ah, but I have a problem there.

Many people I enjoyed on Facebook were people I met through blogs, comments, etc. People I don’t really know too much at all. I got to know them more through Facebook, and since I am never in their city to catch up, I don’t feel that void. I have seriously thought about rejoining but under a new email AND with the caveat that I don’t add people I see face-to-face ever. We’ll see. I have found that since I rarely watch TV and am now off Facebook, I’ve written more lengthy emails and have posted twice on this nearly extinguished blog.

I used to spend my time on the train on Facebook to spare my limited time with Manboy, but now I’m emailing and writing this post.

If you ride, walk, or jog as part of your commute to work, I cannot tell you how great a wireless keyboard and iPad (or any tablet, I’m sure) are.

I’m a tweetin’.

And now I’m a bloggin’.

And this is my morning office. The early trains away from the city do not pack a crowd. It’s usually just me by the time I get to my stop. Earlier in the ride, I’ll have the pleasure of several tradies and a smattering of drunks who waited for the first train to go home. Honestly, they’re much more entertaining than the suits I see when I catch a later train.

So. Catching up. It’s what I do when I quit Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I totally agree. I’ve been thinking about quitting it. Or limiting it somehow. I put a 10 minute limit per day on it (with Leechblock), which has worked pretty well. But actually leaving it. How to disentangle? I don’t *think* people will forget me, but what if they do?
    But if you quitting it means more blogging, then I’m all for it.
    And I’ll see you on Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram etcetcetc

    1. Leechblock? I’ll suss that out. Don’t tempt me. But I would like a little access. I wish we could choose a forum or style like we do with our phone companies. Let them figure out how we can all connect. I’d even pay for it, but I’d want to pay for something that then came without ads.

  2. Is there the equivalent of a nicotine patch for Facebook withdrawal? I think the blog, Words with Friends, and Draw Something are more than enough social contact for me 🙂

  3. It’s all so addictive but is it really important? I honestly don’t know why I bother with FB but I’d miss it if I wasn’t there. Twitter I have got but never tweet or look at it. What did we used to do before all this social networking? And blogging even? I’m tempted by Pinterest but so far resisting:) Congratulations, I think!

    I’ve got an iPad but haven’t worked out how to get it going wirelessly anywhere but home, and right now even that’s kaput. Maybe that’s a good thing:)

    1. I think we used to meet our friends face to face :-)…which im this case is difficult for me as I live on the other side of the earth. Australia is on my travel wish list though.

  4. I for one miss you on Facebook! i was actually thinking of you this morning while viewing my wall. It is only an addiction if you let it be. I enjoy the heck out of Facebook and WWF and Draw Something! We do miss you though!!

  5. Well, I miss you on FB as well…maybe you`ll reappear again, I`m looking forward to it. I´m not into twitter or other social networks other than FB. G

  6. I have tried to limit my FB friends to people I actually know in real life, but then there are far away people that I have gotten to know through blogs or FB that I really enjoy. Someone such as yourself that I will probably never meet who played soccer in TX with my sister-in-law many years ago is a great example. 🙂

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