Stormy Weather

The subtropics really have two seasons: wet and dry. The summers are wet. Or they should be. Australia was in a drought for so long that people forgot that the heavy rains are normal.

Today was one of those stormy days. I blew off what I was supposed to do since I had to ride my bike. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. Manboy went off for a 50 km relay down in the Gold Coast. It was just me and my furry boys.

First, we had a mosh pet. Not pit. Pet.


Think of the fun I’d have had if only I had O.D.’ed on some Thai-hot curry:

During our love-in, I was able to capture Fabian’s favourite hobby: kitten knittin’. He loves to knit. Peppa loves the scritching. Omo and I just watch, but not in that weird and creepy way.

This is my first attempt at the Blog Hop in ages and the first ever with WordPress. It’s hardly and inspired post, but my mojo is soggy.  Let’s see how this goes just linking back to the hosts:

This blog hop is hosted by Life With Dogs, Confessions of the Plume, and Two Little Cavaliers.

6 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. hah that is very cute, my kitties like to wash the dogs but the dogs aren’t allowed to respond in kind, otherwise the kitties leave

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