Head and shoulders after the rest

I came home from date night at Green Tea, where we snarfed down on salt-and-pepper tofu and crispy beef in Peking sauce, to find Omo banished from under the house by a growling Fabian.

Hm. I have a full belly. Let’s investigate. What could go wrong?

Fabian was nose deep into the guts of a possum (not opossum).

Cransh cronsh crunch munch.


I locked Fab under the house while I fed Omo. I wanted that snout fully blood-free before it came near me. I mean, Fab was dissecting the poor critter. You know those squeaky squirrel toys that you stuff into a plushy tree? It’s like that but with soft internal organs and a warm, gaping abdomen.

When Fabian appeared at the door, I saw that he brought the head and forearms to his outside bed.

With the dog tongs, I tossed the head and shoulders away. Fabian fetched it. Re-toss. Re-fetch. Re-blergh.

In the middle of the night, when the ghosts of small bladders wake their victims, I saw Fabian outside curled up with his new toy: semi-carcass.

Aw. Ew. Blergh.

As I left to get my bike from the kill room, I heard the crunch of leftovers:


See the pink tongue? Thank me later.

3 thoughts on “Head and shoulders after the rest

  1. Eek! At least it was fresh. The one possum dumb enough to come into my backyard, sadly lost his battle with the kids. They luckily lost interest when he stopped faking possum and really stopped moving for good. Took a pitchfork and tossed him into the wooded area on the other side of the fence.

  2. hah that possum must have been dumb, diseased or crippled for a tripod to catch it! 😛
    he was probably just doing it a favour by putting it out of it’s misery…

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