Baby, it’s cold inside

It got down to 1 degree Celsius (~34F) last night. We don’t have heat. There are only a few nights like this. We choose to bundle up and wear ugly shoes.

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11 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold inside

  1. Brrr, it hasn’t even got that cold here YET! But it will happen. At least I’ve got gas heating. I didn’t know it got that cold in Q’land. Hope you’re warmer tonight:)

  2. People were talking about it being a record. I don’t know. 2011 is the year of the extreme. It was hard going from jammies to shower. There’s usually an expectation of nudity. That’d mean my kidneys would be exposed. EEEEEEE!

  3. Nothing I love better than a dog or two under the covers on a cold night. They’re like little furnaces. Now that it’s summer here, not so much 🙂

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