Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Teefs in the heart of a Texan

My boys are back. I should whoop and holler about their return, but I must first introduce you to Bungee. Bungee came to The Mothership on Easter weekend while his mum went away. Bungee and Fabian played for hours. When I met him, I was insta-smitten. Look at this face!


He has the pointiest face I have ever seen. To make it even better, he was a quiverer. His pointy nose shook and twisted with every micro emotion that went through his brain. 


I think he looks like a bilby. He’s had his teeth shortened so as not to go into his sinus cavity. I think there is already a hole there, but since adoption, they’ve shortened the lower teeth. 

I have learned that Bungee and family live in the city. They’re not close, but they’re not miles away. I hope to arrange (beg) for a play date. I hope to have Bilby nose and AAAAARGH the pirate dog together again. I’d tell people that Fabian donated his leg for Bungee’s nose extension.

It’s Saturday somewhere. It’s Sunday here, but I had trouble composing the post on Saturday because my lap must host a laptop and a Fat Bastard. I am a touch typist, but I must be able to see the screen. I usually have one hand puss-strapped down. Right now it’s my right. Let’s see if I can post the links to the blog hop without moving my right hand. Let’s also see if “puss-strapped” gets the weirdos from Google search.

The Saturday Pet Blog Hop is hosted, as always, by the cyber homies at Life With Dogs, Confessions of the Plume, and Two Little Cavaliers. They list the rules, which aren’t too strict and don’t involve pantsing, whips, and cones of silence.



11 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Teefs in the heart of a Texan

  1. Michelle,
    It must be nice to be these guys. I think hes adorable, but I know that if he were human, Id have a hard time giving him a kiss. Im bad. Ah, well. Hes not  human, and hes very cute.

  2. I bet the boys were ecstatic to see their mommy again. Boy, he could chop down a tree with those teeters. What a cutie!

  3. that nose is nuts! i never knew dogs could twist and vibrate their noses until I got Barbie and became familiar with her ‘anteater’ look.

  4. Well, isn’t Bungee just the cutest boy:) Yes, there is a definite resemblance to a Bilby there. I have to say he’s got the longest schnozz I’ve ever seen and probably the kindest, most content eyes too. Bungee is a charmer:)

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