Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Getaway

We're still dogless for a few more days. I can't wait. Not only do I miss them, but the cat does, too. Fat Bastard is bored of us. We do not react in the same way as Fabian. He may b just a dog, but he's a dog fascinated by the cat. Fat Bastard, the aforementioned cat, is a vain thing and misses his fanboy.

People in Australia are having a five-day weekend because Easter Monday falls on ANZAC Day. Instea of double-dipping the public holidays, we're having ANZAC Day celebrated on Tuesday. The weekend following is our Labour Day. Three incomplete work weeks in a row. I feel like a confused American child between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I. Can't. Focus.

I do not have any new photos of the boys, so another flashback will have to suffice:

CeeJay2CeeJay was a foster who taught Tamale about this little window. It leads to the kitchen. Now it's how they let us know that poos have been pooped, pees have been pizzled, and gnarly bones have been gnarled. 

I wasn't going to post anything today because I wouldn't be done with the trip, but I decided to make the Melborne at Easter album on Facebook visible to everyone under its privacy settings. Since I post the naked-with-the-Easter-Bunny in another album, I wasn't overly fussed about keeping this private. 

I'll return to edit this post as I find links to places we've been to. I might live in and love Brisbane, but Melbourne is my favourite Australian city. I love visiting it, but because of its weather, I have no desire to live there. I can do cold winters and have lived through colder winters than whatever Melbourne throws our way, but cold and drizzly winters are laaaah-haaame! Melbourne is a late spring to early autumn city.

Links of funky places we've been to on this trip:

Ponyfish Island – A cafe under a bridge. My inner troll was thrilled.

Madam Brussels – Australia is not really a cocktail nation, so I was excited that Manboy found this gem. Cocktails and quirky. 

San Churro – Sure, it's a franchise, but I had the best hot chocolate with chili there. I usually find hot chocolate too sweet. I like it dark and spicy, toots.

Melbourne's laneways – When you visit Melbourne, don't stick to the main streets. This is one place you want to get lost in a dark alley. Tables spill out of coffee shops and cafés. The shop with the cute shoes you won't see anywhere? A laneway. The handbag no one else will have? A laneway. You get the picture.

Link to my album of this trip: Happy snaps. I'll add to it while I trot around.

And now it's 1:35a Melbourne time. Surely it's Saturday on the US east coast. C'mon! Wakey wakey! Blogs and bac-y!



Ha! Whoops. Vacation mode. That full day off I had was a Friday. I was–I'm gagging here–wrong. Oh, that didn't taste so good. It was nearly 2a, though. It was very early on my Saturday. Stick with me here. I'll eventually convince myself that I was right. It's just that those three blogs from the imperialist US are controlling what time Saturday starts for pet bloggers. Yeah, that was good. Did you see how I made the hosts out to be scary militant types? Or I could mention that when I was young, we didn't wait for Saturday before we posted a blog hop post. Why, I remember posting blog hop posts up hill, barefooted, in the snow before the sun came up.

There. I'm sure that proved something. Maybe something that will get the little men in white coats at my door.

Maybe I should apologise with a little bit of cute:

IMG_0175Taken at the Fitzroy Gardens. The possums come out at night.

 You're awake. I can get the linky thing going.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Getaway

  1. Those darned imperialists!
    I would love to visit Australia some day. Everything I see about it is just so beautiful! I’m not sure I could come back home after visiting, though.

  2. Loved to meet you this morning on the blog hop! I’m jealous about the five day holiday – I could use a few more days to get ready for Easter dinner with our seven sons tomorrow. And, various friends and family.
    I’m Pet Peeves. I’m dismayed at how people mistreat pets and today I’m participating in the HOWL Heard Around the World. Stop by my blog and leave a comment so that the huskies and sled dogs didn’t die in vain.

  3. We aren’t having a 5 day weekend here in New Zealand … but it’s OK for me, I won’t have any work tomorrow seeing as it’s raining all day!
    I have never stayed in Melbourne, but have spent the odd day there when passing through and I love it. Lots of history and wonderful buildings. I won’t show Frankie the possum picture!
    A while ago we could get dark chocolate and chili Tim Tams here but I think I was the only person in NZ who bought and liked them as they didn’t stay around long. Needless to say I’ve never been to a place here that makes hot chocolate with chili, I’d love to try that!

  4. Wow this is a wonderful giveaway. Good to get a chance… I’m gonna follow ur blog for sure,I’ve always loved your work… Have a wonderful year!!!Waiting to c more interesting post from you…Thanks for sharing!!!

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