Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Literally

The people at Literally, A Web Log don't post anymore, but I still enjoy them. I haven't reviewed this video recently, but I'm going to pretend that there is hopping involved. Isn't that lazy? I'm posting a video I made and am not checking it beforehand. That's a lovely swirl of trust and katyfoolery. Here's to hoping this is not the one of Mark and me painting each other in Latex and spanking the dogs to the "True Blood" soundtrack.

Emeraldina and I hanging out. Emeraldina was accidentally called a dog. I was surrounded by dogs. What did you expect, species accuracy? Hell, I didn't even get the class right. Carl Linnaeus might defriend me on Facebook:

Emeralina and me from Katy Cassidy on Vimeo.

Visiting the Detergent Brothers in the country has made my goal of cycling to work five times a week difficult. On days when I visit them from work–slumber party on a school night makes me such a naughty girl–I can't ride. I have, however, figured out that I could cycle on those days if I get one of those origami bikes. That's in the future. I could leave work and take the train to Ipswich, then the bus to Fernvale or Coominya. I'd unfold and ride on in. It would take a while, but the Somerset Valley is gorgeous. The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail should be fixed from the flood by the time I save up enough coin. The Mothership backs up to the BVRT. Some day. Oh, yes, my pretties, some day I'll have my origami bicyle.

Eeks! I just realised that there are no gratuitous grey shots in here. How about a retro look. Here's a former foster, Jimmy:

  • JimmyStretches
  • SymmetricalDogs
  • TamJimLove
  • TamJimLove2
  • TamJimLove3
  • TamJimLove4
  • TamJimLove5
  • TamJimLove6
  • TamJimLove7
  • JimmySleeping

 Jimmy was our first foster. Tamale was completely smitten with him. If I may be so bold to anthropomorphise here, she really did appear heartbroken when he left. In some ways, that is the saddest thing about fostering. If I may continue to anthropomorphise, Tamale was a huge fan of Caspar David Friedrich and other romantic painters. Was that too much?


The downside of committing to this hop thing is that I am constantly reminded that I'm a week older. If you're interested in playing along, the rules are here (and on other blogs' posts).


12 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Literally

  1. Emeralina is gorgeous (how do you know she’s a girl?) and I’m impressed that your top matches her perfectly! I love frogs and collect them (not live ones!!) and even have a frog tattoo. It is, of course, an Australian Tree Frog. They’re so pretty.
    When I read your last post I wondered why on earth you put all those little thumbnail photos above the larger one but I just accidentally clicked on one in this post and wow, I know how it works now, duh. That’s about the most exciting thing I’ve done so far this weekend:)

  2. ha!
    I would love the kind of thumnail gallery that looks obvious to others, but Im a bit of a n00b. Emeraldina is a girl frog because shes so good looking. Its obvious. Oh, and because I will her to be one. I was well accessorised that day. I put lots of frogs on me and took photos of my croaking brooches. 

  3. she is a very pretty frog:) I love frogs but we don’t get many frogs around these parts… except motorbike frogs up in the hill

  4. Darn it! I want to see the latex painting video! That sounds like good times. Emeraldina is lovely and obviously all the boy frogs must want to get with that!
    I love those thumbnail galleries and I’ve wished for a long time that I knew how to do it.
    That Origami bike sounds just like something you’d have!

  5. they are big. some are, at least. and they are everywhere. capn cathy tells us that when it starts pouring down rain immediately, they all rush out of the drain pipes, and you can hear them thump out. they just hang out. the dogs ignore them. we have to make them look at them. i think greyhounds might be frog-safe.
    or we might yell at them so often at home when there are toads, that theyre scared to look at a frog. the cane toad is a killer. every part of their life cycle is poisonous. if i see them look at a toad in our back yard, i yell up a storm. i dont care if they are scared for hours. a torturous death is not in their future. 

  6. I’ve heard about those Cane Toads. They sound bloody scary:(
    Hey Katy, the kids and I have given you guys a well deserved award for being a Stylish Blogger:) Swing by our blog and pick it up if you want, it’s not mandatory;) I didn’t have time to notify the ‘winners’ last night!

  7. This is the good place for pets and i hope they really enjoy the life. I like the video… I’m glad to visit your blog,The pictures are amazing and Keep on sharing more pet stuffs. Great!!!

  8. Emeraldina looks like a National Geographic model, very pretty…In South Florida we have a lot of poisonous toads that are huge and have bumpy backs- the bumps excrete poison so if a dog licks the toads back it can kill them (really quickly)…so even though I love toads and frogs, in the spring, if I see the dogs sniff at anything on the ground and it’s even vaguely toad/ froglike, I start screaming and yelling crazily,” get back”!” “leave it!” No, I think it’s a poisonous toad!”! It’s hard to tell the difference between the poisonous and the native toad since they look a lot a like…they’re all very calm though and ignore us…I love your video and your thumnails gallery of the dogs happy blog hop Saturday!

  9. All toads here are introduced. I think they came from Florida to help tackle some sugar cane pest. They kill crocodiles, too. My dogs show no interest in either. They have killed a bat, though. A flying fox. We have different frogs at home. These are my country girls.

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