Note to self: Kill dogs.

And by "kill", I mean give them my best "No trotters for a week" face. 

Our fence fell. They bolted. They've been found and are in someone's backyard thinking they've had the time of their life. I'm on a train going as fast as I can home. They don't even get punished. They have to go to The Mothership until we get this sorted. Where's the punishment in that?

They need jail time.

IMG_0143We live close to a train station, so gated doors are a must. I've never seen problems, but they say that some people get off, break and enter, get on the next train. Meh. What can you do? We moved the gate from the back door to between the kitchen and the laundry room–the last room out. The boys have to go out when we have especially tasty meals. They're not impressed. This will change with the renovations, but until then, dinner time is jail time. Oh, and so is cat's dinner time. Why eat your own big bowl of goodies when a small dish of food for another species is available?

I will post with a map of their route as soon as I get there. 


If they live. 

6 thoughts on “Note to self: Kill dogs.

  1. our train station is more likely to be a place where people dump stolen cars, and then get on the train. Not sure that break ins happen disproportionately along our train line.
    My pups stay in the house during the day when I go to work now since Bender bulldozed one of the back fences while I was at work. Good thing the dog next door was a friendly one and didn’t react badly to Bender barging his way into his yard pulling ugly faces. Could have led to some very significant vet bills. The neighbours were home too, so that helped!
    It took Barbie a little while to be able to hold on for 9 or 10 hours til I get home to let them out and there were a few big yellow accidents, but she is great now.
    Our kittehs get locked away when they eat their dinner, in their safe haven.
    It must have been quite a sight in someone’s backyard – two greyhounds, one tripawed!

  2. I’m glad they made to the other yard. I does some how seem like they are getting a huge reward for all their trouble. I’m not buying the sad “I’ve been put in jail” look. 😉

  3. Oh, how could you punish 2 little faces looking at you like that. They’re totally innocent … I think you just made this up so you’d have something to blog about;)
    Seriously, this would have been totally scary! I’m glad they made it to a safe place unscathed:)

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