Brisbane flood update

Many of you have asked about how things are. I'll just do an update in snippets. Don't expect cohesion.

We have finally heard from Brooke. This is a note she posted on Facebook:

Thank you, everyone, for your worry and concern about us during the floods. We have been cut off from the world for almost a week and have only heard bits and pieces about what has been going on. Karana Downs has been an island, but today we gained access out over the Kholo Creek bridge and the power came back on tonight. Whilst we have had no power, no sleep, no phones, no hot water, no petrol, limited food and very little information about the floods, we have found strength in the support of our neighbours and in the kindness of strangers. We are very lucky. We had the river lapping at our drive way but were able to watch it slowly slide back down the street. The worst thing for us was knowing that we had no way of contacting our family and friends for days and had no way out of here to help anyone else. We are very lucky. Our neighbour owns a bobcat and cleaned up our street, so we did not have to deal with the mud and the debris. We have shared food, water, freezers, generators, wine, cigarettes, phones, medical supplies and tears with our neighbours. We have been able to offer the old lady at the end of our street a hot meal and conversation for an evening. We are very lucky. Our hounds still have a couch to sleep on, and, thanks to friends down the road, a fresh supply of dry food. We have an injured lorrikeet in a cage in the garage who today climbed onto my hand and is well enough to be set free tomorrow. We are very lucky that we will be able to offer our friends who have lost everything anything that we don't need. We are very lucky that the worst thing that happened to us was nothing more that a little inconvenience.

Brooke also has Vodafone, whose coverage is dicey out her way. She's hard to reach when things are okay, so having her landline lost did not leave her with a reliable alternative.

I've spoken to Cathy of The Mothership. She is in Sydney with her daughter, but First Mate Ron is home. Cathy left just before the floods. It took her six hours to get to the airport, but she made it and is relieved that her daughter knows nothing more than it's been raining. She doesn't need to hear about the stud farm by her school or all the pets that are lost and friends with family down in the valley.

Ron has new dogs to care for. When he went to help clean up his daughter's school, he saw that someone had smashed a window and dropped off a few dogs. He took the dogs and left a note. Since then, he has been in contact with one owner, who had dropped his dog off on his way to an evacuation centre. We don't know yet about the other owner, but I am sure it's the same act of desperation. You don't drop a dog off in a school if you want it to die. Somewhere is a family hoping someone like Ron came along.

The latest in roads opening tell me that I can get almost to the dogs, but no further. As soon as I'm able, I will be off with a car full of food to swap with the hounds. Chaos.

 I am waiting for the return of Peppa. His sitter is off to volunteer with her mum. I'm not volunteering this weekend because I'm not working. There are horrible traffic jams because of all the volunteers. Most people have the weekend off, so I am giving the weekend to them.

My workplace is at the border of Goodna and Redbank. If you have read anything about a shark along main street, that's Goodna. The bull shark's kidney can adjust to river water for a certain length of time. Bull sharks have been seen as far in as the University of Queensland, so I am not surprised that there have been sharks in the flood waters. They're an aggressive species, so residents are right to be nervous. Ipswich is under. Since I work for the group improving and widening the highway between Brisbane and Ipswich, I obviously won't be going to work soon. They are working on rebuilding, but until I get called in, I am free to volunteer with the clean up on the weekdays. Instead of stressing the streets now when I don't have to, I'll go out on Monday.

That is all I have for you so far. Thank you for your notes and well wishes. 

8 thoughts on “Brisbane flood update

  1. Thanks for posting this, Katy – and also for posting an update about Brooke. We keep seeing the coverage on the news and it’s mind-boggling. Stay safe, all of you.

  2. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you all. It’s been really sad to watch and see all the damage, etc. I hope the rains stay away now and the clean-up goes smoothly. I remember hearing about the Bull Sharks, that’s scary that they are in the city. I bet the hounds will be very happy to see you when you finally get through.

  3. I’m glad to hear that all of the people we regularly hear about on the blog are okay! What a sad time, but also a good time to see the best in people. Sharks in town? Holy crap! I’d be leaving the volunteering to others this weekend, too!

  4. I just wanted to say that I hope you are okay and doing well. I’m sure its been hectic. And, I just saw that a cyclone is supposed to hit up north. The story said it might be a 3 by the time it hits the mainland. I hope it doesn’t bring much rain to you all, or anyone.

  5. We hope you are all okay – saw the news at lunch time with coverage of Yasi. I hope it missed you, Brooke and the Mothership.

  6. Thanks for ur wonderfull post and i always very much eager to know such kind of news,its really very interesting and informative too..Take care … good to hear that all of the people are safe!!!!

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