Brisbane is flooding

This is a quick note to let you know that our city is flooding. We're still overseas; in fact, we're at a coffee shop near LAX checking on our friends and neighbours but are due to arrive in Brisbane when the king tide hits. 

The dogs

Fabian and Omo: They're at the Mothership, which is fine but cut off by the Lockyer Valley. They and their friends are fine; however, Cathy's job site, a dairy, is under and the cows might not survive. She bullnaps the baby bulls they'd let die and fosters them to people who have their own cows. The loss of life will break her heart. Her pet bulls, donkeys, dogs, and chooks are fine. 

My friend, Brooke, who also is a greyhound freak has evacuated her house with her hounds. 

Fat Bastard: A friend has been taking care of him and keeping me posted about the state of our house. Fat Bastard is dry. The critter sitters have moved our car. The car isn't as important as its buoyancy. If the flood waters move it, it'll shift against the posts of our house.

Okay, I hate the green, but imagine this in the purple we're making it. Our house is on a hill but second from the bottom by the tidal creek. On your right is the downhill side, so the bottom of our house is up high. What you don't see is that further on the right is the deck and where the car is. So that side of the house could be damaged if the car stayed put. It's gone. We're okay. 

Underneath the house will be a feral mess. This might affect plumbing. Joy. I enjoy plumbing. 

Anyway, what is important is that all critters and all of our friends are okay or will be. Can't say much about their property. Wish us luck. Send rafts. 


(I mistyped and wrote "Send farts." Some typos are awesome.)

7 thoughts on “Brisbane is flooding

  1. I’ve been wondering if you all were affected by the flooding. I’m glad to hear that your friends and all of the animals are okay, or out. It’s too bad about the cows though. I hope the damage will be minimal and fixable, but it won’t be fun either way I know. Take care.

  2. I’ve been really worried about those I know there in Australia. We’re relieved that you, Fat Bastard and the dogs are safe, and praying the rest will be okay, too!
    I’d volunteer to come help with the plumbing, but you’d have to fly me down there and, um, okay, I know nothing about plumbing, but I could try to be entertaining while Manboy works on it.

  3. Have been listening to the SE QLD emergency services radio online. They are very very busy. Hope they have lots of dog food at the mothership!

  4. Every time we saw coverage on the news, I wanted to yell, “tell me how Katy’s house, and Brooke and the Mothership are – are they dry?! Are they okay?!” Sadly, the news wouldn’t tell me. Glad to hear you are okay.

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