Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Mezza Chrimbo!

One thing that I really love about Australia is their ability to give anything a nickname. Presents? Pressies. Breakfast? Brekky. Biscuits (cookies–our biscuits are scones)? Bickies or bikkies. Football (Aussie rules or rugby)? Footie.

People are no exception. My favourite nickname habit is converting all the middle-R names into double-Zs: 

  • Barry to Bazza or Baz (Baz Luhrmann)
  • Darryl and Darren to Dazza/Daz
  • Garry to Gazza/Gaz
  • Kerry and Karen to Kezza and Kazza
  • Sharon and Shona to Shazza 
  • Sherry and Terry to Shezza and Tezza.

Maybe you have seen this Dazza:

(My advice to you is to NOT click on the Baz and Shaz mouse thing. Trust me. Let my mistake benefit someone.)

But Larry, Blair, and Mary? No changes. I don't think that's fair. Even if it falls under "life is not fair", it's not consistent, which is illegal in some areas. C'mon. If you azza-up one, you should azza-up the others. 

There are other good nicknames:

  • Theresa to Tesso
  • Kimberly and Kim (man's Kim) to Kimbo
  • Glen to Glenno, Rob to Robbo
  • Julia to Julz, Liz to Lizzle.

They're obsessed. Trust me.

Over the last few weeks, I've been making it a goal to get Australia consistent. If Barry can become Baz, then every -erry should.

So to all of you out there:

Mezza Chrimbo!

It's time to squeeze in a little hop between opening presents, looking for the receipt to take back the leather undies, and drowning out the stress of paying for it all. 

The rules that make Santa Hop put you on the nice list:

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The little elves who are participating this week:

9 thoughts on “Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Mezza Chrimbo!

  1. Y’know, I got up this morning and said to myself, “It’s Christmas. Where am I ever going to find my requisite dose of toad gore to start my day?”
    And sure enough, I start hopping and here it is! Thank you. I don’t where I would have found such disturbing images anywhere else first thing in the morning. Your sense of humor is just dangerous! : )
    Have a great Christmas! I hope you get some great shots of the mob back home opening their “pressies.”

  2. Terri — or TEZZA!
    The cane toad is the one animal I have no problem killing, but I put them to sleep by chilling and then freezing them. Theyve done so much damage to the indigenous critters here. Every stage is poisonous. They even kill crocodiles. 
    Universities have toad hunting expeditions where they collect them, kill them humanely (oxymoron, I know), and then use them in labs instead of frogs. 

  3. Pamela,
    Green and red–Chrissy colours. I wrote that post before I left and didnt think about when itd be published; however, if anyone has a kid who is needing entertainment–this is the video for you.

  4. I never knew Australians were famous for their nicknames. Nice to know. I’m here from the pet blogger hop, by the way. My name is Avalon (nickname: Lion) and I’m a cat actor (I starred in the horror film The Strangers Outside) and I’m also the star of my very own cat cartoon. Merry Christmas!

  5. Were on a hill and so far were fine. The dogs might be a bit wet, though. I hear that Omo is loving it. All the holes the dogs have dug are now pools for lounging. 

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