Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Notes from the critter sitters

Checking in at the New Orleans airport. We’ve done NOLA as much as you can do it when you’re with a minor. No complaints here. It was an triperteaser. 

Unfortunately, we saw the Utah Jazz get pummelled by the New Orleans Hornets. No one shot well. At least Gordon Hayward got a three pointer plus some. His free throws were also smooooth. We’d have loved to see him win, but we saw him play well. That’s important. It was the UN on the court. Utah had a Ukrainian, Russian, and Turk. The Hornets had an Italian, a Congolese, and an Aussie from Frankston, Victoria, in Aussiemastralia. 

The critter sitters have emailed photos and notes. I don’t feel missed much: 

  • OmoCrittersitter
  • OmoFabCrittersitter
  • PeppaCrittersitter

 Do you know what day it is? I do! I’m just one time zone away. I feel so up with peeps. It’s time to play Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, thanks to Life with Dogs, Confessions of the Plume, and Two Little Cavaliers.

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Les peepes qui playent:



6 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Notes from the critter sitters

  1. Love the photos.
    It’s nice to be able to go away, knowing your hounds are safe and sound and being spoilt rotten:)

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