Early Christmas

We're packing now. No. I packed a few days ago. It's not as though I'll need the same clothes for the winter in the US as I do for the summer in the subtropics. My heavy coat had a thick layer of dust on it. 

I've packed. Manboy should be packing. Andrew is packed. So the average is that we're packing. I've heard that my boys are totally feral with the farm pack and are having a blast (this is why I don't worry–they won't miss me). I'm happy for them. I imagine Omo in dirt go-go boots. 

I was visited by Tamale, too. My father-in-law captured her perfectly in an oil pastel drawing. He even got her mouth crust:

Photo on 2010-12-15 at 21.13

Compare. See the brown manky, crusty ex-breath?

100_3224Peppa is high on canine-ibus fartus.

16 thoughts on “Early Christmas

  1. Hahah if I was going to the wintery parts of the world right now I would have to go shopping! I don’t have any clothes suitable for that kind of climate. 😛

  2. Jet, well see how we do. We have coats–who doesnt, but nothing to line jeans. Ill appreciate it if it doesnt get windy if it must also be cold. Im watching weather.com like a hawk. Aaaaaaaaa chicken hawk!

  3. -25°C wind chill here right now. I would hope that New Orleans is warmer than that! BEautiful portrait of Tamale. And that cat – what a hoot!

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  5. There are lots of things you can do to together with our family in this kind of season. Planning and preparations are just indeed. And I know you will be excited to plan for this.

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  7. I don’t want to discount the efforts of the predators many great players, but without this early Christmas present, I doubt they would have made it past the first round and pretty confident they wouldn’t have made it.

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