4:15 am

4:15 am in a state that won’t adjust clocks so that it’s lighter in the afternoon. Queensland logic for you.

image from https://ihatetoast.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/6a00d8341c586553ef013489aecb86970c.jpg

I love Queensland, but the people here have yet to produce a logical reason for not liking DST. I used to teach. Don’t use the kid argument with me. If I can take several classrooms of kids adjusting to the change, parents can handle their few.

Oy. It’s early.

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3 thoughts on “4:15 am

  1. I’d much rather have it lighter in the mornings. I don’t mind darker evenings and closing the curtains early.

  2. My circadian rhythm votes for extra daylight in the evening. My kids would look at me funny if I told them it was potty time at 4:15am.

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