A few weeks ago, I posted about perspective. Since then I have made some adjustments.

I have to ride from my place to the city no later than 5:10 am if I'm to catch the train; however, I am not much into rushing, so I really have to leave by 5. Departing by 5 allows for a cappuccino at Alen's Espresso, which is run by a clever man who sees good business in opening early while there is a 3-year construction project going on across the street. He probably does as much business in the hour before he officially opens as he does in the first hour after. 

I used to warm up to Wii Fit Plus and EA Active before I took off. My dogs were settling. It made no sense. I'm the type who looks at the dessert menu before I order my mains in what I call my belly-budget. Why am I putting hard work before play? Now the dogs get a walk at 3:50-4:00, depending on my morning 'tude.

What's it like outside at that time? Unbelievably bright. Too bright. Instead of bitching about daylight before sparrow's fart, I'm pretending I'm still out with two men with tight asses and hairy legs:

IMG_9201I know that it's blurry, but this is without a flash and before 5 am. Insane. Doubt me?

  IMG_9346The camera, not being a morning camera, blurs out the disgusting image of 4:53 am. Smart phone, indeed.

And what else have I adjusted? Storage space. Here's my latest bike swag. I now have a purse for the rack, which will allow me to use the side bag for my laptop, book, stitching project, and whatnot. The rack purse is also more practical for quick rides around town when all I really want to do is spread my fabulosity. 
IMG_9346The bag has a shoulder strap that folds neatly on top of the zipper closure. I don't have to have a bike-only bag. I walked with the purse in clutch form to the Coorparoo Markets (no link because their website was designed by a granny at free-to-anyone class at some underfunded library) and returned with it as a shoulder bag, which allowed me to carry a bag of fresh frootinveg and a cup from coffee boys with a sense of humour:

IMG_9359He said that he forgot "expresso" and "just a coffee". Who said that Saints couldn't have a sense of humour?

Back to my bag. Before I sound too shallow, I bought only two things on Black Friday–gifts for a boy of 15 and a girl of 6 from the Operation Kinder Community tree. Po Campo's bags are made in Chicago by people paid a living wage, and Cycle Style is a small business here in Australia, although in dreaded Magpie territory. 

This side has a pocket that'll stash my wipey-swipey (Go Card) nicely. This is the Po Campo bag I got from Cycle Style. At first I wasn't keen on burnt orange. I have had a negative feeling about fall colours outside of a woodland landscape. It probably goes way back to the days when I had my favourite crayons. Burnt orange was never broken or even used down to the paper. Burnt orange was not the colour of choice. I did like the retro 70s lino look and I think I have to have a balance of bright and subdued. My two bike bags-slash-purses do not match. I'm sure that the fashion police will try to pull me over; however, I am quick with the pedals. The fashion police cannot catch me in their stilettos. 

So the boys get a walk in the wee hours, and I wii before bed. Adjustments–not just purse straps and boys going commando.

11 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Ha ha ha! You had me laughing out loud from “tight asses and hairy legs”! Oh, I’m always so glad that I found your blog! I think the bag looks fab!

  2. Perspective is one of the great powers of the universe. I know that I’ve been able to appreciate some of the great things about my job since I’ve found a dream to pursue over the next few years. Now, the job isn’t stumbling block–it’s helping to get me where I want to go.

  3. I suppose your summer solstice now is much like ours in June. The sun sets about 10:something pm and rises at 4:00 am or so?
    I love that bag! How does it stay on? I mean can you tighten the straps securely so it’s not flippy/floppy on the rack? My bike has a wooden rack, but it does have openings on the wooden rack/frame where you can attach straps, etc. like this:
    What do the boys think about being rousted from their beds for walkies at that hour?

  4. I love that bag too! I can’t wait for our winter solstice, your summer, to come. I hate getting up in the dark. I wish I could ride a bike to work, but too many hills.

  5. i figure that greyhounds would look great in jeans but not shorts. theyd look like those men who build up their quads but have weenie-ass calves. i think german sheps would look great in shorts that go just to the knees. whippets, iggies, mini-dobies are better for the short shorts. poor labs, theyd wear shorts, but have serious muffin tops. bless. little party girls.

  6. Jen, welcome to my hell. This is part of living in the subtropics. There is no dusk or dawn. Its just BAM! Sun. Bam! No sun. 
    It gets dark in the summer around 7. In the winter? 5feckin45! Theres a lot of debate about DST here in Queensland. Its frustrating for those of us who want to exercise after work. I prefer to exercise to wind down, whether walking the pups or jogging. Itd be nice to have some light in the winter. 
    We also moved into the guest bedroom because the sun wont let us sleep in when we want to go craaaazy and sleep in to 5:30. Part of the renovations well do is extend the deck and roof to help keep the sun out of that one bedroom. Seriously. I can read a book in the shade at 4:30 now.

  7. Terri, the sun slams down here at 7ish in the summer and 5:45 in the winter. Its all about the distance to the equator. The sun is either here or not, no in betweenies.
    The straps you see on the purse go under the rack and click on rings. They are adjustable. There are smaller stabilising straps with reflector strips at either end. Its not good if you want to ride a little and get off all the time, but who does? When I am walking my bike through the markets at Southbank, I keep the bag on the bike. The larger bag has hooks that snap on. 
    My boys? Sickos who are up early. Tamale used to sleep in and cover her eyes with her paw. I could relate to her in so many ways.

  8. Caron, 
    Getting up in the dark is horrible, but so is coming home in the dark. That is the downside to where I live. Oh, and muggy summers. 
    I do like that our winters have blue skies. When I immigrated, I first lived in Melbourne. A great city, but their winters were grey and rainy–spitty rain. Moving to Queensland helped me survive winters. I miss real cold, but I like a winter with blue skies. 

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