Monday — Montag “moan-tag”

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A little horse poopie on the way to work. I had to stop to let a train pass. How sad was I that the poopie wasn’t on the rails? Tr��s triste. Sehr traurig. Feckin’ bummed, ay.

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A new lass to pass? She’s red and in good nick. Slut.

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Persephone Buttercup fears that Red Slut will win the heart of Alen’s Espresso bicicletta

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4 thoughts on “Monday — Montag “moan-tag”

  1. I have got to look up those bags and things you got for yours! I have a cheap retro Schwinn that’s pink and white, and I bet it would be so cute! Not as cute as Persephone Buttercup, though!

  2. Houndstooth, 
    Pah. Those bags purty up all bikes. I kept losing on eBay to older bikes a la retro Schwinns. I kept losing to newer styles but used, too. I think Manboy felt sorry for me. We downscaled to a Blue Binky car, so we could spend for my car. Im still looking for the old old old style ones. Theyre great. 
    All you need for many of these fun bags (v. funbags, which are boobs), is a rack to clip them onto. 

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