Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Perspective

Perspective. It's something that I have to remember to check when I feel a whinge session coming on. I bitch and moan about the job I have. I have posted about it before. It's a long work day and requires a long commute. Oh, and the actual job stinks. But hey, the people are wonderful; the company has pizzas for everyone every other Friday; our own group has BBQs often; we're going to the Gold Coast (Qld, not Chicago) for jet boating and helicopter rides (for the pregnant women). So, sure. I hate the actual task I have to do, but I have been in miserable places where the job or task is challenging. What's better? I don't know. I also get to listen to audiobooks and occasionally have to get to work early to discuss how to deal with fauna around the construction site:

IMG_9153This joey was orphaned and hand-reared by the people at a koala rescue organisation. Insert squee here.

Perspective. I could whine or adjust.

It's all about perspective, and it's all relative.

Omo is my largest non-spouse pet.

IMG_9166Or is he? Perspective.

Fat Bastard roams the hood and steals food. I know he does this. I have him on a diet and have to hover over the blind cat to make sure she gets food before Ornery Ogre gets to it.

Zuni, the blind cat, can't enjoy the outside because she can't see.

Zunigardenguard1Or can she enjoy the smells and textures when she can't see? Perspective.

When we're home, we let her out. I was on my way to closing the gate–don't worry. Zuni manages to go down and up eight steps, maneuver around prickly plants. The dogs in the back have a fence to keep them away from the front. Zuni is queen of her yard. Not too bad for 17.5 and blind.


Zunidragonslayer1When she goes, I'll miss these eyes. She can't see out of them, but that doesn't mean they're any less beautiful.

Zunidragonslayer2I'll anthropomorphise for a moment: Zuni feels bad for slaying the dragon, for the dragon was a single dragon with four dragonitos to feed. Perspective. Dragons are bad, but many have the same problems we do, right? Even female dragons suffer at dragon games because there are more restrooms for male dragons and the lines are so long.

What if you're born without eyes? There's no way a dog without eyes could enjoy life, right? I saw one such dog while harassing LWD. When you're wondering if a disabled dog would bring you the same amount of joy, Riddle here will put it into perspective:



Perspective. Will I look back on this post and regret it?

Zunidragonslayer3Zuni, Queen of Mt Perspective, says no.

Now it's time to get off my blogging arse and enjoy the outdoors.

Photo on 2010-11-06 at 12.33Perspective. It's been Saturday in Australia for a while. This is the look of irritation waiting for Nigel's dad to get the linky tool ready.

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Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Bone (Nip & Plume) are our fearless leaders; be sure to visit them. The hop has been a great way to cruise around to other breeds and blogs. No one has time to read all the pet blogs out there, so this is a great way to sample up. It's also brilliant for those of us who can get slack in posting. 

I have to wait until the lazy arses above get their lazy-arse time zones into Saturday before I can link up. Pshah. Until then, I just hurl abuses at Nigel on Facebook. 

The peeps who play:





11 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Perspective

  1. I love this post! Perspective is something I think about often myself. I happen to love yours when you talk about your crew, too!
    Tee hee! You mean I’m not the only one waiting for that link to get posted?

  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective on perspective….a great reminder that there’s lots of ways to look at things…love your pet family…Fat Bastard is pretty fat!!! & Omom & Zuni are so pretty… enjoy your weekend away from work…

  3. Fat Bastard is the only pet Ive had that gets bigger on a diet. He even eats the lamb bones we give the dogs. When the blind cat eats, he hovers and attacks. I have to be around to shut the door or play cat hockey.

  4. I know. When I first saw the video, I missed where they said that he was born without eyes. I couldnt figure out his disability. How would you notice? He doesnt stay still long enough, playful devil.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Zuni is just gorgeous. We have one that looks just like her. It is amazing how animals can adjust to what ever problem that they have. Have you read the book Homer, the blind cat?? It is a great read.
    Loved seeing all your animals.
    Take care and have a good week end.

  6. Marg, I have not read that book. Ive also been curious about the book on the library cat. This better not be a Where the Red Fern Grows tearjerker. Man, I still cry about that one. Zuni went blind before our eyes. Literally. She got up on to a chair in front of us with no problem. She couldnt get down or out of the room. Must have been a snap thing. Shes new to the skill of being blind, but shes an old cat who learns new tricks very well.

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