Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Schnoz special

I’m a big fan of the schnozz.

Manboy and I took our own version of a “staycation” by getting a hotel room in Brisbane’s CBD (central business district ~ downtown). We’re 5 km from home–2 km if we were crows–but we’re 17 stories up with two balconies and a view to the river. 

IMG_9136If you’re not familiar with Brisbane, what you’re looking at is a pocket of the Brisbane River that shows Kangaroo Point Cliffs (no roos, sorry) and the Story Bridge.

BrisbaneSee the A? We’re up and to the right of that at that cluster of yellow streets. See the willy rising up from the lower right? That’s a pocket. Our home is down and further to the right of that. Yeah, we’re not far away, but tonight we dine IN HELL! No, sorry. That was 300, and I didn’t dine in hell, I sat through a bad movie in hell. However, anything can be saved by kittens:


Before we left, I took some schnoz photos:

IMG_9132It’s hard to tell that Fabian, sleeping so peacefully, had a fight with Omo around 2 am. Omo is one that wakes up growling. If you touch his feet while he’s sleeping, you’ll get a growl. He lost a nail while at the Mothership, so his feet are more off limits than before. It was sad. Omo has cuts on his nose and, to me, one familiar with his face, he looks like a proboscis monkey. Fabian was concerned. You’re familiar with dogs; you know how it is. There is only one way to have a hissy in canineville. Omo moped, and Fabian wanted to lick. 

Oh, I forgot to start at the beginning. My first rude awakening was because a fly flew into my ear. No, not that annoying mosquito hoving crap. IN. TO. MY. FECKIN. EAR! To say that I flipped out, would be and understatement. Überflipped. My fingers clawed at my ears. I screamed. I had to shake my head with the violated ear down (Yes, violated. Feck off.) to see a little fly carcass fall out. I lived an urban nightmare. So this canine kerfuffle was rude awakening #2. 

I played nice-nice and all was well. Mutual facelicking told me that the boys were fine. That’s just Omo. It’s life with a sleep startler and an unco three-legged dog. 

Omo’s a little tender, but his schnoz is still gorgeous:

IMG_9134Rude awakening #3 was Manboy’s stepping on our blind cat after a 3 am wee. Good times at Casa CasHew.

More schnoz photos for you: Tam and Katy sharkTamale, who died a little over a year ago. I still miss her.

100_0873My second favourite photo of Omo. Yeah yeah, I can’t have a second favourite because of what favourite means. Blah blah blah. Who cares about English when you have feets peeking out of a fancy pleated jacket?

My mostest yoyostest favouritest photo of Omo:

100_3279He’s posing with some combed wool (pre-spinning), but I like to think of it as my George Washington Omo. 

I’ll end the Saturday pet blogger blog hop post with one last schnoz of my Tamale. One reason I don’t like to post a reminder of when she died is that she died on Manboy’s birthday. I also lost Sierra, a cat, around his birthday. He’s had two birthdays with a sobbing wife and didn’t say a word. He didn’t ask for me to harden up, so to reward him, I don’t get too down mid October. Now that I can smell November, I’ll put a mini memorial here. 

To Tamale, who died suddenly and completely unexpectedly, I still miss you. This is a photo I fiddled with when she died. She always woke me up by doinking my nose.


So, another hop is here.

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17 thoughts on “Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop: Schnoz special

  1. What adorable photos! And Tamale was such a cutie. I’m sorry she crossed unexpectedly.
    On a happier note, your comment on my blog made me BOL! I don’t think my two-leggers thought of the consequences when building the coop! I hope they can afford those fancy boarding incubators.

  2. Tamale was beautiful! I’m sorry for your loss, even if it is a year later!
    I thought things like your night could only happen to me! Thank God I’m not alone! Although, I do hope you get to enjoy a nice nap this afternoon!

  3. Oh, Zona Zona Zona. Your two leggers knew. Theyre too caught up in keeping up with the other mother cluckers. Its a shame. We can only hope for a rebel rooster to kick some cocktail.

  4. Houndstooth,
    Youll be glad or sad to know that Manboy and I were up late with food poisoning. At least it came late, so that we could enjoy our view. Were good now, but man–there were some toots that would make elephants proud. After teaching 4th grade for a while, you just have to laugh at the body. 4th grade boys taught me that. Tootings funny.
    I guess in a previous life I kicked a puppy because yesterday was a long day from midnight to midnight. Alls good. Back to enjoying the balcony and reminiscing about the good old toots of yore. 
    You have to laugh at life or itd be too embarrassing to endure. 
    Im hoping today brings nothing foul.

  5. Barbie was a sleep startler with jaws a-snapping, but we stole a training tip off someone else in my little blogging community. We threw treats at her when she was fast asleep. The first time she startled and then realised ‘hey it’s raining treats’. I only had to do it 3 or 4 times. I really threw the treats at the couch she was sleeping on hard. No more problems with her 😉 Not sure if it will help with your Omo boy Barbie’s sensitivities might not have been as deep seated 😉

  6. jet (and barbie), 
    thats brilliant! hes a very deep sleeper. ill just have to pelt him hard (relatively hard, natch) and sometimes have to aim at his feet. ill work on that. thank you so much!
    he tore his nail running around the Motherships yard in the rain. he had access to the sheltered deck, but he turned out to be a mud monkey. now hes paying the price. i hate nail pain. i sympathise with the guy. 

  7. Omo’s nose is almost as kissable as Apollo’s. Well, okay, just AS kissable. And that pic of George Washington Omo is my fave photo of all time. LOVE IT!
    Tamale was such a pretty girl; so gorgeous and left you far too soon.
    Food poisoning? Wow, that sucks.
    Both Sabrina and Apollo are a little sleep-snappy, but Sabrina’s the worst. Apollo is all apologetic if he snappy-snaps in his sleep, but Sabrina gets pissy b/c you’ve awoken her!

  8. Well, geez, I was really enjoying your blog, as always, til I hit the last photo of Tamale and nearly lost the plot. Such a poignant look. Life can be a bitch sometimes. But yes, you gotta laugh and remember the good times. Thanks goodness for 4th graders. Who would have thought they could be useful?
    Hope the rest of your staycation is spent out of the loo!

  9. Love the photo of omo with the ‘wig’..I just want to smooch his ‘lips’. They remind me of Dana.
    Tamale is definitely missed but us all.

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